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Flower Baskets


Smiling Floral Basket

729 Reviews
Product Available in stock
729 5.0 5.0
38.99 CAD
Sales price without tax: $38.99

Golden Days Basket

918 Reviews
Product Available in stock
918 3.5 3.5
44.99 CAD
Sales price without tax: $44.99

Pink Beauty

112 Reviews
Product Available in stock
112 4.5 4.5
49.99 CAD
Sales price without tax: $49.99

Joy of Flowers Basket

695 Reviews
Product Available in stock
695 4.0 4.0
59.99 CAD
Sales price without tax: $59.99

Signature Arrangement

36 Reviews
Product Available in stock
36 4.0 4.0
68.99 CAD
Sales price without tax: $68.99

Rainbow Reflections Basket

758 Reviews
Product Available in stock
758 5.0 5.0
74.99 CAD
Sales price without tax: $74.99

Basket of Mixed Flowers

796 Reviews
Product Available in stock
796 3.5 3.5
78.99 CAD
Sales price without tax: $78.99

Summer Flower Basket

124 Reviews
Product Available in stock
124 4.5 4.5
89.99 CAD
Sales price without tax: $89.99

Springtime Basket

822 Reviews
Product Available in stock
822 4.0 4.0
99.99 CAD
Sales price without tax: $99.99

The flowers decorate our life. Of course any celebration is to be commemorated with special mood decorating the house with the flowers or by presenting them to your loved ones. The reasons of buying them are quite various: birthday, anniversary, wedding, newborn baby, and finally just to please the loved ones. Our flower baskets look great, produce pleasant smell and rouse positive emotions. Hanging flower gift baskets will properly decorate the frontispiece of your house or its surrounding area. We also offer flower girl baskets that are a nice addition to any wedding. Seeing our beautiful flowers in basket is a real pleasure.

We are one of the largest Canadian florists working in this market for a long time. You can order the flower baskets by visiting our website or by calling our sales line. Prompt delivery of hanging flower gift baskets and flower girl baskets the same day can also be organized if you place your order before 1 p.m. local time and if the destination is within the same-day delivery area. Just order our beautiful flowers in basket and you’ll receive them opportunely. We look forward to your calls or online visits.

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