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Pink Beauty

112 Reviews
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112 4.5 4.5
49.99 CAD
Sales price without tax: $49.99

Burst of Autumn Centrepiece

591 Reviews
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591 3.5 3.5
54.99 CAD
Sales price without tax: $54.99

Christmas Tradition Centrepiece

753 Reviews
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753 4.5 4.5
64.99 CAD
Sales price without tax: $64.99

Crimson Glow Centrepiece

132 Reviews
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132 5.0 5.0
74.99 CAD
Sales price without tax: $74.99

Celestial Lilies Bouquet

132 Reviews
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132 5.0 5.0
79.99 CAD
Sales price without tax: $79.99

Any event that you celebrate is supposed to take place in a special atmosphere and the festive table should be properly decorated. And what will you put in the center of it? For this purpose nothing could have been more appropriate than our flower centerpieces that will allow you to honor your guests who will duly appreciate your efforts and the event will be held friendly and brilliantly. The floral centerpieces we offer include such items as Pink Beauty, Burst of Autumn Centerpiece, Crimson Glow Centerpiece and others.

These wonderful arrangements attentively prepared by our florists will definitely gladden the persons sitting at the table. If you order flower centerpieces right away you will get a discount coupon for your next purchase. The floral centerpieces can also be delivered the same day if you place your order before 1 p.m. local time and if the destination is within the same-day delivery area. We are impatiently waiting for your flower centerpieces' orders on line or by reaching our sales line.

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