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Memorial Flowers


Gentle Thoughts Spray

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Pink Tribute Spray

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857 3.5 3.5
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Unequivocal Love

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771 3.5 3.5
114.99 CAD
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Warm Regards Wreath

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234 4.5 4.5
134.99 CAD
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Eternity Wreath

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Rays of Light Spray

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Warm Regards Spray

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In Love and Memories Spray

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Rose Garden Heart Stand

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Life is life and soon or late all of us will have to get through the funeral of relatives or friends. Our memorial flowers and wreaths of different shapes will help you to decently pay last respects to your loved ones. We hope these ceremonial arrangements will relieve your grief slightly. The memorial flowers are well-looking, produce a pleasant smell and create the solemn environment.

We’re happy to suggest you a broad selection of memorial flowers carefully arranged and prepared by our best florists. Ordering them right now you will receive a discount coupon for your next purchase. You can order memorial flowers’ delivery the same day if you place your order before 1 p.m. local time and if the destination is within the same-day delivery area (not farther than 30-50 kilometers from our production sites specified at home page). We are looking forward to your memorial flowers’ orders on line or by calling our sales line.

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