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Shades of Pink

624 Reviews
Product Available in stock
624 3.5 3.5
19.99 CAD
Sales price without tax: $19.99

Gorgeous Gerberas

274 Reviews
Product Available in stock
274 3.5 3.5
24.99 CAD
Sales price without tax: $24.99

Six Sweetheart Roses

984 Reviews
Product Available in stock
984 4.5 4.5
29.99 CAD
Sales price without tax: $29.99

8" Planter Basket

325 Reviews
Product Available in stock
325 5.0 5.0
29.99 CAD
Sales price without tax: $29.99

Classic Yellow & White Daisies

875 Reviews
Product Available in stock
875 4.0 4.0
29.99 CAD
Sales price without tax: $29.99

Rainbow Gerbera Bouquet

92 Reviews
Product Available in stock
92 3.5 3.5
38.99 CAD
Sales price without tax: $38.99

12 Mixed Long Stem Roses

955 Reviews
Product Available in stock
955 5.0 5.0
39.99 CAD
Sales price without tax: $39.99

Designers Collection II

540 Reviews
Product Available in stock
540 5.0 5.0
40 CAD
Sales price without tax: $40.00

Touch of Class Bouquet

971 Reviews
Product Available in stock
971 4.0 4.0
43.99 CAD
Sales price without tax: $43.99

Classic White Daisies

998 Reviews
Product Available in stock
998 5.0 5.0
44.99 CAD
Sales price without tax: $44.99

White Blooming Planter Basket

359 Reviews
Product Available in stock
359 4.0 4.0
47.99 CAD
Sales price without tax: $47.99

We almost always, except some solemn occasions, try to save, to get a sale discount and to buy something qualitative and inexpensive as money are not easy to earn in this tough world. Thus if you are looking for something special for reasonable price you came to the right place as our special saving flowers are right what you need. Your spouse, parents or lovey will duly appreciate your efforts after getting your flower bouquet. So save your money and delight them right now!

We are glad to suggest you our special saving flowers that are always fresh and well-looking and will be a nice surprise for any recipient. Obtain your sale discount and place your order right now! Fast same-day delivery is also possible if the order is made before 1 p.m. your time and if the destination is within our same-day delivery area. You are always welcome to place your order for special saving flower bouquets through our website or by reaching our sales line.

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