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«A cheerless time! My eyes' delight! I love your farewell beauty», great Russian poet said. Fall is the season of harvesting, inclusive of the autumn flowers, wonderful period of nature's slow fading and memories of hot past summer. Yet the sun is not so bright, leaves fall and birds fly away to warm places. We offer you our autumn flowers that will gladden your near and dear ones. Our autumn bouquets look gorgeous, produce a pleasant smell and arouse positive emotions.

The perfect autumn flowers carefully arranged by our best florists are a real pleasure to those who get them and memory of your present will remain long after. Ordering these bouquets right now you will receive a discount coupon for your next purchase. You can order autumn bouquets items the same day if you place your order before 1 p.m. local time and if the destination is within the same-day delivery area (not farther than 30-50 kilometres from our production sites specified at home page). We are impatiently waiting for your autumn flowers' orders online or by reaching our sales line.